Tuesday, July 16, 2013

August 15 (Dekapentaugoustos)

Religious festivals and saints’ days in Greece are always a big deal. They bring families together, old traditions and buttress the people’s faith. Μany local festivals degenerate into a brawl that is later settled amicably over food and even more wine. August 15 commemorates the Dormition of the Virgin. For Greeks, the Panagia is the mother of all men, a source of protection and comfort. On August 15, everywhere in Greece, local people throw her a party. The celebration of the Dormition of the Virgin is presided over by the Greek Orthodox Church’s holiest cathedral, the Panagia Evangelistria on Tinos. Pilgrims flock by the thousands to this Cycladic island each year, crawling or rolling up the steep slope from the port to the imposing church at the top of a hill to offer their prayers and votive offerings to entreat a miracle of the Panagia. Other most visited places are Panagia Fidiotissa in Kefalonia, Panagia Fanerwmeni in Lefkada, Panagia Ekantopyliani in Paros or the church in Karpathos which is located in the edge of a cliff! If you are in Samos you can visit the Panagia Spiliani which is located in a cave or in Chania the great church of Panagia Chrysoskalitissa , where according to the tradition among of the ninety eight steps there is a gold one. Beautiful places with great traditions, wherever you decide to stay  on August 15 you will feel a sense of peace. So, don't lose time! Visit us on www.direct2carrentals.com and book the car which will drive you to your Summer destinations with special offers for August!

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